Saturday, May 1, 2010

Me Too = DITTO

I have writers block. And I'm a big fat LIAR! I said I would work out 4 days this week and take a wild guess how many times I decided to hit the gym.... ZERO! Whateva...I do wadda want!
To be honest, and your just gonna think I'm making a stupid excuse, I have actually been legitimately busy (I just made myself giggle tee hee) BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS! Between doing shows, showing face at events (where incidentally no one really has a grip on who I actually am), branding, meetings, counting points and crying into my pillow who has the time!? I wish I were at least writing new material...the only thing I write these days is everything I eat and its goddamned points value! How many points is a bullet?
Thursday I went to the Paper Magazine Beautiful People party...I was featured as a beautiful person in 2004 and as an alumnus, I feel a certain responsibility to go and share my wisdom with the new crop of beautiful people... and by wisdom, I of course mean hole. Didn't go over, but Gossips very own Beth Ditto was the cover girl of this month's Beautiful People Issue and she and her band, who look exactly like the cast of Revenge Of The Nerds, performed at the party. Beth was magnetic, boisterous, jiggly, loveable and wild animal on that stage! Here is a woman who owns her size and is contented and for some reason...I BELIEVE BETH DITTO! I believe this tale she's seems actually...genuine. It was really inspiring to me to see someone so talented and joyous communicating with an audience. Made me want to put less emphasis on my weight and more emphasis on what I do. God it must be so freeing to be a lezbo.
Look at this gorgeous star child rip it up! I love her :)