Monday, April 12, 2010


well today was my weigh in day! Just woke up...took my fist mornings pee and (drum roll pleaaase)  I LOST 7 LBS! WEEEEEEEEE

WOW! how gratifying! i gotta say it was not really all that hard and im really happy! This week i got to eat real lasagna, pizza, creamed spinach and french fries while simply just balancing out my points! WW really is fabulous! Can you imadge!

Last week was like text book bi polar disorder! I was skipping through daffodil dew one minute then kicking puppies the next but i made it through!

AND! Last night i had a date!!! Well it was date "ish." Twas with a guy that i go to the movies with once a month and bone and dont talk to again until the next month when we go to the movies and bone. Kind of an ok arrangement. I mean i like movies...and i've been known to bone, so what could be so terrible? We saw Hottub Time Machine (which was my nickname in've been a terrific audience!) which was good, well, you know it had its moments, and then i asked him to go home with me! He grinned and said "Aww you know i really want to kid but i cant" and gave me sort of a lackluster smooch on the street. Between doing two fab shows last night, watching my pal Rob Corddry kill it in Hottub Time Machine while sitting next to the scruffiest cutest piece of ass strokin at me legs in the theater, and the little bit of peyote i found in the bottom of my purse, i was feelin foot loose and fancy free! But, i went home alone as usual and I gotta be honest with you, I felt a bit lonely. All of my staff who keep Halloway Industries a float were fast asleep, spooning sweetly in the trundle under my bed (my 14 personal assistants and my maid Hortensia,) and i was all alone. Boneless. I must say i wanted to just eat my brains out at that very moment but i resisted and said to myself..."Harriet Conceptione Louisa Maria Teresa Garcia Ramirez de Arroyo Halloway, tomorrow is your weigh in day! You can't let the fans down! Be greatful for what you have and what you have done so far and keep those feet a climbin!" AND just wait till this joker sees me 43 lbs lighter!

Heres to all of us getting through another week. Whether its easy or whether its hard you got to appreciate the process kids.

Stay tuned